MIT events include professional development that supports AMI Montessori training, and other topics related to Montessori education and child development.  All events are open to all interested persons regardless of educational background or training.


General Meetings

General Meetings are held occasionally throughout the school year at a host school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m with lunch, conversation, speaker or program and short business meeting regarding upcoming events. Join our mailing list to receive invitations to upcoming general meetings.


Workshops and Lectures

MIT brings experts in Montessori and child development to North Texas for workshops and lectures geared toward educators, parents and other child advocates.  Join our mailing list to receive news on upcoming events.


Past Events

Event Presenters
Following All the Children: Montessori and Early Intervention – (in collaboration with MINT) Jacqueline Cossentino, M.Ed., Ed.D
Music and Movement Sanford and Judy Jones
Partnerships: A short course for Montessori assistants and support staff Mary Raudonis Loew
The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees:  Talking with Children about Life Donna Bryant Goertz
Following all the Children:  Early Intervention and Montessori Jacqueline Cossentino, M.Ed., Ed.D
Harmony in the Classroom: Facilitating Success for Children with Special Needs Carol Alver
Yoga Techniques for the Montessori Classroom Eva Rosenkranz
Maria Montessori In Her Own Words Dr. Annette Haines
Partnerships: A Short Course for Assistants at any Level and Untrained Support Staff in Montessori Schools Mary Raudonis Loew
Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Children Stanley B. Ferguson
Prove It: Simple Scientific Principles for Validating Montessori Education in Your Community Dr. Steven J. Hughes
School 2.0 Dr. Steven J. Hughes
The Passage to Abstraction:  Montessori Math in the Casa dei Bambini Monte Kenison
How To Recognize Stress In Children Stanley B. Ferguson
Integrating Culture Through Music Lilian Bryan
What Happens After Montessori? Craig Isaac
Administrators Collaborative Barbara Gordon & Mary Caroline Parker
Partnerships-Assistant Short Course Mary Raudonis Loew
Montessori Madness! Trevor Eissler
MIT Conference “Following the Child into the NEW WORLD” Phil and Marsha Gang, Mary Raudonis Loew, Andre Roberfroid, Lynn Lawrence,Dr.  Steven J. Hughes, Peter Davidson, Nancy Lechner, Charlene Trochta
At Home in the Cosmos Phil & Marsha Gang
Enabling Creativity Carol Alver
Character, Will and Morality Mary Raudonis Loew
Who Assists the Assistant? Mary Raudonis Loew
The Adolescent: Rebirth Phil & Marsha Gang
The Montessori School Administrator: A Balancing Act Barbara Gordon
Standardized Tests and the Montessori Child Jean Miller, PhD.
 Transition from the Toddler Community to the Primary Classroom Maria Teresa Vidales
Preparing Paths to Culture Lilian Bryan
Cosmic Education is a Life-Long Process Phil & Marsha Gang
Follow the Child: A Montessori Approach to Life Mary Raudonis Loew, Dr. Jean Miller, Cha Cha Vidales
Breakfast Roundtable (issues related to training) Mary Raudonis Loew
Administrators Roundtable (issues related to training), lunch included Mary Raudonis Loew
Observation & Record keeping Joen Bettman
Contemporary Issues in Montessori Education Lakshmi Kripalani
Short course for Assistants and School Personnel who are not Montessori trained: Cohesion in the Social Unit Mary Raudonis Loew
Peace Education: The True Gift of Maria Montessori Pat Schaeffer
Dual language Immersion in the Montessori Classroom Sandi Meschoulan
Leading Montessori In the 21st Century (workshop for Administrators) Barbara Gordon
Montessori for Every Child: Inclusion of Special Needs Children in the Classroom Carol Alver
The Transition from the Infant Community to the Primary Judy Orion
The Adult in the Prepared Environment Patricia Oriti
A Conversation with Nan Hanrath Nan Hanrath
A Conversation with Lakshmi Kripalani (Standards and Evaluations) Lakshmi Kripalani
Evaluations and Aiding your Assistant Marlene Leonard
Short Course for Assistants Mary Raudonis Loew